The Leadership Programme of Vårdförbundet - with a person-centred view

Join us in taking the lead in a move towards person-centred care! With this Leadership Programme, we are offering members an opportunity to acquire greater knowledge of person-centred care, develop person-centred leadership and meet fellow managers from around the country. We want to inspire other organizations to do the same. Please copy us!

At the programme's four networking meetings, our members have the opportunity to hear what some of the leading lecturers in person-centred care, innovation and improvement knowledge have to say on the subject. Through person-centred learning they can develop their leadership talents and identify tools for putting plans into action. The networking meetings all take place during a five-month period and between meetings there are homework tasks to help  apply the new knowledge in the management role.

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Target group

Managers and leaders in the health and medical care services who are members in Vårdförbundet. There are 40 places on each course.

Course literature

Vad alla behöver veta om personcentrerad vård, Vårdförbundet
Personcentrering inom hälso- och sjukvård, Inger Ekman (red)
Styrning för personcentrerad vård och jämlik hälsa, Vårdförbundet


The programme runs for five months and includes four networking meetings with residential stay (two days), with homework tasks in between. The participants are expected to keep an observational diary between the meetings to help in the personal development towards person-centred leadership.

The programme concludes with the participants, presenting their improvement work from their activities at a special gathering. On completing their training, they will receive a diploma.

Networking meeting 1 – The person – recognise your abilities

Taking the philosophy of the person as a starting point, we increase knowledge and awareness about the person-centred approach and its concepts and reflect on its significance for healthcare and leadership.

Networking meeting 2 – Partnerships and the narrative – you in relation to others

How to put this philosophy into practice, what a partnership between the care provider and the patient and between the manager and the employee entails. Leading a shift towards person-centred care.

Networking meeting 3 – Re-drawing the map

How to enhance the ability to lead during constant change. Improvement knowledge, innovation and service design as management tools.

Networking meeting 4 – Leading a new paradigm

Adopting an international perspective, changes at the micro-level are linked to greater social change. The examination takes place at a special gathering, during which the course participants present their improvement work.


During the course the participants will meet some of Sweden's leading lecturers in the field of person-centred care, innovation and improvement knowledge. The course is organised in close cooperation with the Centre for Person-Centred Care in Gothenburg.

Course administration

Merja Nyholm, responsible for manager and leadership issues at
Vårdförbundet. Merja is a registered nurse with years of experience as a manager in the intensive care field. Merja has been working on manager and leadership issues at national level at Vårdförbundet since 2011.

Lisbeth Löpare Johansson, Senior Healthcare Strategist at Vårdförbundet.
Lisbeth is a registered nurse who has immense professional experience of
strategic care development work at national level. Lisbeth has also been a
primary health care manager and a quality and development manager.

Vårdförbundet will bear the cost of study materials, board and lodging with overnight accommodation during the networking meetings. The participants are responsible for any travel expenses to and from the meetings, as well as any leave from work.

Please copy us!

We invite other organizations internationally to take the same action as we did and start a Leadership Programme in their country. We want to start a movement towards personcentred care and we believe the leaders and managers of healthcare will make this change  if they have the right knowledge and support. Please contact us for further information.


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